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Duties and Responsibilities of a Safety Officer
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Duties and Responsibilities of a Safety Officer
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The Safety Officer shall routinely observe operations at training sessions and at the scene of emergency incidents to ensure that safety regulations are being followed. When necessary, the Safety Officer shall recommend corrective actions after the incident to the Fire Chief or his/her designated representative.  Where activities are judged by the Safety Officer to be unsafe and to involve an imminent hazard, the Safety Officer shall have the authority to alter, suspend or terminate those activities. The Safety Officer shall immediately inform the Incident Commander of any actions taken to correct imminent hazards at an incident. Where non-imminent hazards are identified, the Safety Officer shall develop actions to correct the situation within administrative processes of the fire department. The Safety Officer shall have the authority to bring notice of such hazards to whoever in the fire department has the ability to cause correction of the hazard.


The Safety Officer shall ensure that records on the following are maintained:

         Periodic inspection of personal safety equipment.

         The Safety Officer to be responsible for ensuring health, safety of worker.

         Safety Officer to identify and get repaired faulty machinery, tools or materials.

         Safety Officer to conduct site inspections and instruct each employee on the safety conditions and regulations.

         Safety violations should be record and brought to the contractor’s notice.

         An accident register must be maintained at the site.

         The accident register should be accessible to the Safety Officer as well as other designated persons and government authorities.

         Fire department safety and health policies

         Periodic inspection and service testing of apparatus and equipment

         Periodic inspection of fire department facilities

         All accidents, occupational injuries, deaths and exposures

         Identify and analyze safety and health hazards and shall develop corrective action for these hazards.

         All health hazards or unsafe practices or correct safety

         All safety and health procedures and accident prevention method.


The Safety Officer shall provide information and assistance to officers and firefighters, so they will be able to identify and report safety and health hazards. The Safety Officer shall maintain a liaison with the line officers regarding recommended changes in equipment, procedures and recommended methods to eliminate unsafe practices.


The Safety Officer shall maintain a liaison with a physician and infection control liaison for the needed medical advice and treatments that is available to the members of the department.


The Safety Officer shall develop, review and revise rules, regulations to the Occupational Safety and health Program and report any to the Fire Chief and President.


The Safety Officer shall develop and manage an accident prevention program to provide instruction in safe work methods.


The Safety Officer shall develop, implement and maintain a protective clothing and protective equipment program for the department. He/she shall review and make recommendations on specifications for new apparatus, equipment and protective clothing for compliance with applicable safety standards.


The Safety Officer shall investigate all occupational injuries, illnesses, exposures and fatalities involving fire department members and all accidents involving fire department vehicles, fire apparatus, equipment or fire department facilities. Recommendations of corrections of all investigations will go to the Fire Chief and President for their review.


The Safety Officer shall develop an accident reporting system and investigation procedure for use by the department.


The Safety Officer shall be involved in the process of post incident critiques in order to review the safety factors involved in training sessions and emergency incidents.


The Safety Officer shall be personally involved in all reborn inspections of any acquired structures to be utilized for live fire training.